SealCote Drywall Concrete Plasterboard All Surface primer

Recommended use

Intended for priming, dust-proofing and reinforcing all absorbent, absorptive, weak and dusty substrates made of concrete, bricks, hollow bricks, aerated concrete, drywall, gypsum, cement and lime plaster.

Recommended for use on walls and floors as a primer for ceramic tiles, plasters, cement mortar, concrete floors and paints.

If used under wallpaper, SealCote facilitates later wallpaper removal.

Method of use

Dilute concentrated primer with water at 1:2 ratio (1 part of primer and 2 parts of water).

Thoroughly clean the surface, remove old, poorly adhering coats before priming.

Fill any voids and cracks with putty after application of the primer.

Apply primer in one pass using brush, roller, spray, mop or sponge.

Repeat for increased absorbing-capacity substrates by applying second coat on the surface while still wet.

Only £27.50 per 5 litre tub (makes 15 litres)

(£33.00 including VAT. Delivery extra.)

When this is diluted 2:1 with water, it works out at £1.83 per litre

That is less than half the price of our nearest competitor

Further savings possible on bulk purchases.

Dries to a transparent, matt finish.

Stop watching your precious paint soaking into the substrate

SealCote Drywall Concrete Plasterboard All Surface primer is a modern, multi-purpose, clear, water-based coating - Dilute 2:1 and solve a number of problems

Dilute one part SealCote Drywall Concrete Plasterboard All Surface primer with two parts water. A 5 litre container thus becomes 15 litres and has a coverage of between 10m2 and 20m2 per litre. That's an average, per metre2 cost of only 8p.

Because of the infinite number of substrates, it is not possible to guarantee a particular finish on all of them. For this reason, it is always best to cover a test area before committing to full coverage of a surface whose visual appearance is important.

With the consistency of milk, it dries as a practically invisible clear matt coating.

What it does is impressive

  • Primes
  • Seals
  • Hardens
  • Dust Proofs

In brief ...

Acrylic concentrated preparation for priming, dust-proofing and reinforcing mineral substrates to provide a sub-layer for paint, emulsion, acrylic, plaster and wallpaper.

  • Diluted at 1:2 ratio
  • Dust-proof hardener & clear surface sealer
  • Steam- and gas-permeable coats
  • Controls substrate absorbing capacity grade
  • Prevents excessive absorption of water
  • Prevents formation and accumulation of concrete dust
  • Improves substrate solidity
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Environmentally friendly

As a primer

SealCote Drywall Concrete Plasterboard All Surface primer primes absorbent substrates so that you use as much as a third less paint to complete the job.

Imagine the savings! Instead of watching your precious paint soak into the substrate, apply a single and cost-effective coat of SealCote Drywall Concrete Plasterboard All Surface primer and prevent wasteful absorption.

As a dust-proof coating

SealCote Drywall Concrete Plasterboard All Surface primer will prime, harden and dust-proof concrete, bricks and plaster. It doesn't even have to be painted over and can be left as the finished coat.

SealCote Drywall Concrete Plasterboard All Surface primer will stop concrete, block, brick plaster and other friable surfaces such as walls, ceilings, pillars and floors becoming dusty and chalky. Ideal for multi-storey car parks.

As a plaster-board drywall surface coating/primer

With modern dry lining techniques, the front face is not often given a plaster skim. Wallpaper is then applied directly to the front surface but this will cause huge problems when the wallpaper needs to be removed for redecoration.

Apply two coats of SealCote Drywall Concrete Plasterboard All Surface primer before wallpapering directly onto new plasterboard. This will make it much easier to strip the wallpaper when that becomes necessary.

SealCote Drywall Concrete Plasterboard All Surface primer will make the whole surface of dry-walling similarly non-absorbent, so that joins do not show beneath paint.

Transport and storage

The product should be stored in sealed packaging in temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. Protect against frost.

Technical data

Viscosity 50 ± 10 mPa*s Brookfield 20rmp disc 1
Density 1,02 +- 0,02 kg/dm3 1,01
pH 8,0 - 9,0
Drying time ~2 hrs
Shelf-life 12 months

All prices exclude VAT
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